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Tractor Vaporising Oil was withdrawn in 1974. Requests on the FoFH "Market Place" for TVO recipes produced some interesting but misleading replies. This page now has advice from Graham Pressman, who has many years experience in fuels, and also is deeply involved with Grey Fergies. Readers in the UK are advised that a licence is now needed to use TVO: see our TVO Licence page (quick, before you need a licence to read).


There must only ever be 2 ingredients in TVO
  1. Petrol (unleaded is absolutely fine for a Ferguson tractor) 98 Octane
  2. 28 Second Heating Oil 20 Octane
Aim for an Octane value between 55 and 70
To give you some idea of the sums:-
Octane is not the only factor, but is provides a good guide line

Diesel fuel is designed to cause ignition by compression and will encourage pinking. It is not designed to burn in TVO tractors, and no upper cylinder lubricant is required in these tractors, so do not use anything other than petrol and heating oil.

Using fuel which does not burn completely will destroy the lubricating properties of the oil and that (in a Ferguson TE tractor) will result in wear to the cam shaft bushes and then loss of oil pressure from cam shaft bushes. Loss of oil pressure will, then result in damage to the crank shaft. Lubricating oil in a TVO tractor's engine should be changed according to the Tractor Instruction book.

and finally, Trevor offers TVO Scones:-
  1. 2 Teaspoons of TVO
  2. 1/2 lb of sifted flour
  3. Knob of butter
  4. 4 oz's of glazed cherries
  5. 4 oz's of currents
Mix above ingredients into a thick consistency and roll out to 1/2" depth. Using a small pastry cutter form into scones, bake in a hot oven for 15 mins until golden brown.
Thanks, Trev, I'll put one by for later. Don't try this one at home, folks.

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